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Neoclassical Acupuncture (NCA) is probably one of the most interesting developments in Acupuncture in recent years. The founder, Slate Burris, spent several years experimenting with the points and meridians, and discovered a very interesting system within the body. It is important to note that this system, based around Slates’ findings, is still evolving, so exciting new methods are likely to emerge. 

Within his system, there are several different areas of focus. These are meridians, organ alarms, obstacles and finally elements. The basis of determining where there are imbalances are primarily via palpation of the limbs and abdomen. Additional points exist in the chest as well as back, but palpation is key. Tongues and pulses, seen in TCM and 5 Element are not used. 

Once I have determined where there are blocks or imbalances, I generally will use one needle on an acupuncture point. This will then be left in for a period of time, followed by what are called ‘sweepers’ at the end, which help to clear any energy which has become dislodged or hasn’t fully cleared. Sometimes I will leave more than one needle in, especially if the body hasn’t cleared properly via one needle. 

The most impressive aspect of NCA, aside from its simpler approach, are the results. In general, I have found the results to be very impressive. Please see the link here for more information on NCA. 

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